Nestera Raised Coop Featured on ITV's Love Your Weekend

Nestera Raised Coop Featured on ITV's Love Your Weekend

Sabina from Feather & Egg uses a Nestera Coop to discuss the benefits of chicken keeping with Alan Titchmarsh on ITV.


Anyone watching ITV's Love Your Weekend on Easter Sunday may have seen something familiar during a fantastic feature about keeping chickens...

Alan Titchmarsh was discussing the benefits of chickens with our friend, Sabina Richardson from Feather & Egg, while showcasing a Nestera Large Raised Coop in all its glory with an attached 2m Run, Wheelset and Automatic Door Opener.

They discussed the eco credentials of our recycled plastic chicken coops, as well as how easy our accessories, like the Automatic Door Opener, make keeping chickens!
If you missed the Easter Sunday episode of Love Your Weekend, you can watch it again on the ITV Hub here:
Sabina and her Nestera Raised Coop appear around the 14-minute mark.

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