Nestera Featured on our Favorite Podcast

Nestera Featured on our Favorite Podcast
We love chickens and we love chicken podcasts - so imagine how excited we were when Nestera coops were featured on our favorite show!

Here at Nestera, we're as crazy about chickens as we are about sustainability and always have our ear to the coop for the latest chicken news and information. So, imagine how thrilled we were when our friend Fiona went on our favorite chicken podcast, the brilliant Coffee With The Chicken Ladies, to discuss all things Nestera!

recycled plastic chicken coops

Fiona (The Floof Lady and one half of English Country Life) is a UK breeder of Buff Orpingtons and expert grower and preserver of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fiona's a regular guest on the massively-popular podcast, Coffee With The Chicken Ladies, hosted by the fantastic Chrisie DiCarlo and Holly Callahan-Kasmala, who get huge listener numbers every week, from chicken lovers in every corner of the world.

Check out Episode 88 of the podcast below where Fiona, Chrisie and Holly discuss Nestera's range of recycled plastic chicken coops in detail (from around the 30-minute mark).

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